Who is your Exec??

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Your 2018/19 Exec

Meet Your Executive....

We are so pleased to be able to let you know the members of this year's society committee...

Now we have this is place, decisions will be getting made in due course.Keep an eye on the page and continue giving the society your support! ??#Timetogetstarted #FirstCommittee

Scott Robinson (President - 2018/19) stated "This gives us a chance to fully come together and to make an impact within the Business Management Department. Our Aims this year can be simplified into 3 key words, Connect, Engage and Grow. I look forward to what the year brings."

President - Scott Robinson

Vice President - Larissa Penman

Vice President Communications and Engagement - Emily L King

Treasurer - Jonathan Ramsay

Secretary - Sarah Mulholland

Marketing Officers - Chris Dando, Constanse Ursin & Ross Kennedy

Social Secretaries - Thomas Munro & Bethany MacKenzie

Community Officers - Henry Oliver & Amy Wilson

Members without Portfolio - Andrew Pretswell, Nicole Fairbairn & Stephanie Chan


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