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I am thrilled to announce that your Student Union has made the switch to Ecosia!

The Sustainability Working Group and I have spent our time over the summer planning the Ecosia on Campus campaign where our goal is to persuade Heriot-Watt University to switch all of its computers' default search engines to Ecosia, which plants trees with every search you make.

We are calling for Heriot-Watt to become a more sustainable university and highlight how small changes can make a big difference. Watt a better way to start than with our Union making the switch!! 

Freshers Week was an unforgettable experience and helped us enthusiastically engage with you guys about our projects and campaigns we'll be running this year. It was also amazing to hear that some of you have already heard of Ecosia and using it as well as it helps us stay motivated to push for the campaign and stress the positive impacts Ecosia-funded projects has around the world.


We are running this campaign to educate our generation and the next on why trees matter. Tackling issues like reducing our carbon footprint, fighting the palm oil industry, protecting endangered animal habitats, or even just giving lemurs somewhere to live is why it is important to switch to Ecosia. Our environment needs trees and YOU can help reverse the worst effects of climate change for free.


Ecosia on Campus has been a success at several universities across the UK, including UCL, University of Edinburgh and Glasgow, and now it is our turn!


To download Ecosia, click the unique tracking link here (ECOSIA.CO/HERIOT-WATT) and you will be added to our university's tree counter!

To get involved,  sign and share this petition which will alter be sent to th eUniversity as support for our campaign. 

To join the Sustainability Working Group and get involved with other campaigns on campus click the link here.

To keep updated, follow us on Instagram (@heriotwatt.on.ecosia), email us or message me, your VP Community. 


Lets plant some trees!


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