Wellbeing Wednesday: Nurture + Belong

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Wellbeing Wednesdays are back, with a new series on how to take care of yourself during lockdown! Over the next 3 weeks, you will find ideas and useful links to help you combat lockdown blues! 


  • Sleep well, eat well, exercise regularly – seems basic, but it’s important! Find ways of destressing, but remember everybody is different, so you need to find things that work for YOU! 

  • Spend time with people you love, virtually or in person! 

  • Remember to switch off and take some time for yourself 

# 2 - BELONG 

Feeling that we belong in a community is very important. Go for a (socially distanced) walk with your friends, phone your gran, host a quiz or encourage your favourite society to hold more online events! Even just having a chat with someone can make a huge difference to their day and yours! 

Remember, our Advice Hub as well as the University’s Wellbeing Services are still open! 

Some links you might find interesting...


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