Wellbeing Wednesday: Mitigating Circumstances

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GOOD news!

This year hasn’t been easy for any of us and we know you’re worried about your studies being negatively impacted. So, today we’re going to talk about the Mitigating Circumstances process, what’s changed, and what you can expect. For those of you who aren’t familiar with Mitigating Circumstances, this is where students can submit an application to the University outlining how their studies have been affected by a personal circumstance. If accepted, the Board of Examiners will look at how best to mitigate your marks with your specific circumstances in mind. 

So, what’s changed?

  • The whole process is now online, making it simpler and easier for students to submit their application when they need to! It’s also been streamlined so that students can get responses to their applications much faster.
  • The Union fought hard to get the University to agree to accept applications from students who are key workers, meaning if you’re a key worker by local government rules then you can now submit one!
  • There have been other circumstances added as accepted situations so make sure you check out the updated student guide here. The important thing this year is you can apply for Mitigating Circumstances this semester as normal so if your studies have been disrupted by a personal circumstance, please make sure you do so!

What can you expect from the process?

The University worked hard to develop a SharePoint site, Supporting Our Students, where students can find out more info on how they can be supported at Heriot-Watt. If you have circumstances that have affected your studies, then submit an application as soon as you can to make sure it’s mitigated and you get the results you deserve! For help with your application, get in touch with our dedicated advisers at the Advice Hub (advice.hub@hw.ac.uk). 

Before you go! 

The Union is also running focus groups with students on their experience with Mitigating Circumstances and the second one is this Friday, 5th March at 3pm. Find out more here! 

Are you struggling financially?

The University has funding available to students who are facing different types of financial hardship. It's open to all UK based students and covers lots of different types of circumstances - head to the information page here for more info on all the different criteria available to you. 

The deadline to apply is the end of this month - make time to apply if you're in need before it's too late! 

If you need any help or information, drop us a DM over on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter (all @HWUnion. 


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