Wellbeing Wednesday: Meet your Wellbeing MPs!

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With election nominations closing soon (*hint, hint*), we thought we would introduce you to the roles of Wellbeing MP and Open MP! We have the best people to talk about the roles, our 2 Wellbeing Group MPs, Mikolaj and Sam, and our Student MP who specialises in Wellbeing, Maria! 


Hi, I'm Maria, I am originally from Peru. I'm doing a PhD in Human Resources. I am an Open MP, but my manifesto is largely focused on wellbeing matters. Wellbeing (physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual elements) is a key aspect of every student's life because it can impact our whole uni experience (and life afterwards). I ran as MP to make a difference in these areas. When I'm not studying or volunteering with the Union, I am reading novels or watching comedies. Life is too short to be serious all the time! 


Hey! My name is Sam, I study German and Spanish Translating & Interpreting and I'm one of your Wellbeing MPs. I ran for this role because I feel mental health in students is so important and I wanted to contribute to positive changes within the University. Since being elected I have worked with HIV Scotland to help break the stigma around HIV and worked with the other MPs to help students feel more supported through the current pandemic. Being a Wellbeing MP has really opened my eyes to how the Union works as a team to support students and I feel I have learned that while change sometimes feels impossible, it isnt! :) 


Hi, I’m Mikolaj, I’m from Poland but I’m an Edinburgh local of around 15 years. I’m in my final years of Bsc Biological Sciences at the Edinburgh campus. I am also a Wellbeing MP, making sure that the experience of students at our University is as good as possible. I chose to be a Wellbeing MP as I am passionate about making Heriot-Watt University a great safe space where students can look back later and say they truly enjoyed being a part of the University, societies, etc.  

When I’m not studying or volunteering, I love to obsess over bubble tea and swing around a pole! 

 Before you go!

Remember applications close on the 15th of February - click here to register! If you have any questions about the role, you can contact Maria at mz56@hw.ac.ukMikolaj at mp102@hw.ac.uk and Sam at sh74@hw.ac.uk. If you have any questions about elections in general, you can email our Returning Officer Genna at g.nesbitt@hw.ac.uk! 




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