The votes are tallied, and the results are in!

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U did it!

Another year, another Union election – can you believe it? First off, thank you to everyone who voted!

Taking part in any democratic process available to you is so important and the great work that happens on campus is because you vote and respond to issues at Heriot-Watt. And real talk…how surprised were you when Carol Baskin entered the chat?

We broke a record this time, too – having over 60 candidates across all the positions and voting in some of them going right down to the wire (we’ll get to that later)!

In total we had 1721 students take part, casting a total of 9916 votes across all the available positions. This meant there was 17% turnout which was a little lower than last year’s 22% but this has been a year like no other. Seeing as many students as we did, engaged and motivated to work together, was so enthusing!

This year, the School with the highest voter turnout was SoSS with a HUGE 600 voters

As well as being encouraged to vote by your school, we had some fantastic efforts by our societies to get the word out about voting. This year the Society with the highest voter turnout was the Business Society with 56 voters! Well done and thank you to everyone who championed voting this year!

A different sort of year…

On that note, before we get into the results of the 2021/22 HWUnion team, we wanted to take a moment to recognise that these elections brought out some really great ideas and aspects of people’s campaigning.

The Good Egg is an award for the candidate who had a heart of gold, spreading nothing but positivity throughout their campaign. The winner was VPW candidate Ethan Cain but an additional honourable mention also was Frankie Hulme – well done to both!

The Meme Master, you guessed it, had the spiciest, most fresh election content. Theo Harrison Drummond took the cake this year – well done!

The Competition we all want to win goes to the candidate with the hottest giveaway. VPE candidate Hannah Copeland snatched this title for her voucher offers on Edinburgh local favourites Civerinos and Bross Bagels – well done!

Brilliant Branding goes to the candidate with the super slick design and most eye-catching online content. The person who nominated the winner of this award said “She’s Bringing the bucket hat back in absolute style”, and the winner is....Niamh Mulholland – well done!

The Cheerleader was the person who you didn’t get to vote for, but nonetheless selflessly help to run other people’s campaign. The winner of this accolade was Samantha Hamlet, who helped Naomi Bruce’s VPE campaign! 

In nominating her, Naomi said of Samantha: “She was the person that pushed me to apply to run in the elections and has supported me through it by helping with branding, campaign ideas, and generally just giving me boost of confidence all the time. She's the biggest sweetheart and cares so so much. Couldn't have done this without her.” Well done Samantha!

Watt U came here for:

Open MP was a tight squeeze! With 12 candidates and only 5 openings, you do the maths. And so, your 2021-2022 Student Members of Parliament are: 

  • Colin Shaun Aitken
  • Christina Popova 
  • Connel Greenhorn
  • Yashodhara Bose
  • Nehalkumar Mukeshkumar Parekh

Huge congrats to you all! 

Next up are our School Members of Parliament. The winners this year, voted by each of their schools’ students, are… 

  • EGIS : Molly Knight
  • EPS: Carlos Fitzpatrick
  • MACS: Ibrahim Malik
  • SOSS: Emily Robertson

Brilliant effort and congratulations to all!


HWUnion also handles the Sports Union’s elections and the winner this year for Sports Union Vice President is Alice Tilly – congratulations!

She’ll spend the next year coordinating Volunteer and Member Recruitment, as well as acting as vice-chair to the Sports Union Executive Committee. Her colleagues chairing the Sports Union Executive Committee will be:

  • Gregor Morgan
  • Cameron Cumming
  • Hazel McNeill
  • Aonghus Sellar
  • Devon May
  • Niamh Mulholland

Congratulations to everyone!


Returning to HWUnion Vice-Presidents again, for our Vice President Community role, we had four candidates running for this position.

Their job is to make sure you get the most from life outside of lectures! They will work to improve and grow our fantastic societies, lead on sustainability work and campaign and represent students on issues affecting your lives like housing and transport. We’d like to give a huge congratulations to Shana Faraghat taking the role in the first round of voting!

Vice President Wellbeing was our MOST contested full-time officer position, with EIGHT students competing for the role. Their job is to be the first point of contact for all equality and diversity issues and tackles the wellbeing of all students through campaigning, lobbying the University, and raising awareness around key issues. 

We’d like to offer Frankie Hulme a big welcome, managing to win the VPW role in the 8th stage of voting, with a decisive 534 votes!

But it didn’t stop there! Vice President Education was another highly contested election with six incredible candidates! The winner here will be responsible for everything relating to Undergraduate academic issues, attending University meetings and championing fair assessment and teaching delivery (y-know, since you’re here to study and all that!).  

Coming down to the wire again, the winner is Hannah Copeland in the 6th stage of voting, with 580 votes. Welcome to the team Hannah!


Fanfare time everybody, the PRESIDENTS have arrived!

Sports Union President works as a full-time staff member within the Sports Union team at Oriam to represent the 32 Sports Union clubs both internally with the University and externally. They lead the Sports Union Executive and act as the key point of contact for all members of the Sports Union. 

The successful candidate won the election in the first stage with an amazing 250 votes, congratulations, Amber Taylor!

Last, but by no means least, we have our next Student Union President. This year there were 8 candidates for the position of President, and we saw a huge number of students voting to have their say. 

The person who is elected to this role will be the figurehead of the Union; working to improve the student experience here at Heriot-Watt and make sure students are at the heart of everything the University does. They will be the person the University turn to most, and they’ll be expected to respond really quickly when asked challenging questions. 

This year, with an eye-watering 1042 votes from the first stage of voting, we’d like to congratulate Emily Lucy King on her re-election!


And that’s that!

We’d like to say a big thank you once again to all the candidates, and an equally big congratulations to the winners of the election races! We can’t wait to work with each of you, to make Heriot-Watt a better place for everyone.


Have a great weekend!

Big love,

HWUnion x 









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