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Pride 2021 feels like the perfect moment to announce Heriot-Watt is one of the first members of the new Somewhere: Rainbow Enterprise Network, supporting LGBT+ and ally businesses in Scotland and beyond!

For the occasion, we thought we would ask Kathryn Pierce, founder of Somewhere and co-editor for Somewhere: For Us Magazine to introduce themselves and tell us more about the network and the magazine! Read the full story here: 

"Every month is a month to be proud, but especially June" 

Kathryn Pierce, Founder of Somewhere, Co-Editor of Somewhere: For Us magazine.

Every year, the focus of the Pride calendar lands on June, marking the anniversary of the 1969 riots at the Stonewall Inn in NYC which triggered the global Pride Movement, and in spite of COVID, Scotland continues to forge ahead with yet more new Pride events. Before the pandemic, the Scottish Pride calendar boasted a whopping 25 Pride events, and with newbies Dunoon and Shetland soon to join the ever-growing list, our Pride “season” now stretches to a fabulous year-round calendar of vital visibility, connection, protest and celebration.    

I moved from Manchester to Edinburgh in 2017 to start a new life and Scotland has supported me every step of the way since. My personal (and very privileged) experience so far is that it is a fantastic place to be LGBTQ+, although research from Stonewall highlights it is still far from perfect and there is much to do, especially in making life happier, healthier and brighter for our trans and intersectional communities. So, for me, that’s where Pride comes in. I am immensely proud to be a member of the LGBTQ+ community, and to me, Pride matters every single month of the year, just as it resonates in different ways for all LGBTQ+ and ally people.   

I’m also super proud of what we have achieved and continue to achieve at Somewhere. We’re striving to make a lasting difference to support people to be out and proud in life, to be their authentic selves by creating unique spaces and opportunities, and by celebrating and championing all the amazing queer and ally contributions to life in Scotland, and beyond.  

We also know that visibility and connection is vital and particularly so in our COVID world, and through our new magazine Somewhere: For Us, we’re so happy to be cultivating our new member network across the country, showcasing queer culture and creativity in our magazine, not to mention innovation and enterprise, because we think making a business work is also a pretty creative thing to do.  

We are also being visible and connected in business, as we continue the soft launch of our new member-led Rainbow Enterprise Network this summer. We are absolutely delighted that Heriot-Watt will be one of the first tranche of members, helping to support and champion LGBTQ+ and ally businesses.  

You can read more about what it means to the people making Pride happen in Scotland in 2021 in Issue Three, out in a couple of weeks! To find out more about the magazine, visit  and sign up here.  

For more about all our projects, visit and follow us on Twitter @SomewhereEDI and @Somewhere_ForUs and @somewhere_edi on Instagram. 


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