Happy International Women’s Day!

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Alycia (left), Claire (middle) and Sam (right) are sharing their experiences  with us on what choosi

It's International Women’s Day tomorrow! 

The theme this year is #ChooseToChallenge. 

CHALLENGE stereotypes. As a STEM-focused and male-dominated (60/40 ratio amongst students) university, fighting gender-roles and gender-norms is so important! 

CHALLENGE gender-based violence. From everyday sexism to assault, women are discriminated against every single day. #StandUpStepIn and help make society a better, safer and more inclusive place!  

CELEBRATE. We have so many amazing women in our student, staff and alumni bodies! 


"What does 'choosing to challenge stereotypes and gender norms' mean to you?"

“I am very lucky to be part of a diverse research group, surrounded by inspirational women who motivate me to become a better version of myself. Together, we #ChooseToChallenge the STEM gender gap.”
Alycia Smith (left), 1
st year PhD student in Marine Biology and one of our amazing BME Advocates! 

“I am breaking the boundary by being a woman in a STEM-based degree. On the other hand, I am a competitive cheerleader. Many, many people do not consider cheerleading to be a sport. In 2019, we became a SSS Sport which was a step in the right direction to being taken more seriously. It is not all pom poms and glitter. It is a tasking sport which requires stamina, skill, flexibility and a good attitude!”
Claire McGovern (middle), 4th Year Mathematics BSc and Head Coach of the Cheerleading Club
“Studying languages is almost entirely female based, and I think for this reason it brings the assumption that this degree is unnecessary. Choosing to challenge to me means breaking these boundaries and assumptions, and always using my voice to empower others.”
Samantha Hamlet (right), 4th Year German/Spanish Translation & Interpreting and Languages Society Social Media Officer.


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