Free Graduations on all 5 campuses!

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We are super-pleased to announce that students at Heriot-Watt University will no longer be required to pay a fee for their graduation ceremonies!

Each year, the University hosts more than 30 graduation ceremonies across its global campuses in Scotland, Dubai and Malaysia. Heriot-Watt University has worked closely with the Student Union to find a way to ensure that all students across all five global campuses will have their graduation fees scrapped. And now, they have been - starting with the upcoming June 2020 graduations!

The University have also agreed to reduce ceremony guest ticket prices to £10 per head and have abolished the ‘absentia’ fee for students unable to attend. Students and guests will still need to pay for taking part in the graduation receptions but this cost will vary depending on the country where they are being held.


Paul Travill, Global Academic Registrar for Heriot-Watt University, said: “I’m delighted to confirm that following constructive discussions with the Student Union, students and staff, we have decided there will no longer be a fee for students attending their graduation ceremony, further underlining our commitment to enhancing the student experience.


“We will, however, continue to charge guests a fee, albeit reduced, due to a limited number of spaces and to encourage maximum numbers attend each ceremony. We have also removed the absentia fee, which will make a significant difference for students unable to attend.


“Graduations are the pinnacle of our academic calendar and we want to make sure this celebratory occasion is accessible to all.”


The changes follows the growing appetite for free graduation ceremonies on the Heriot-Watt campus for a number of years, and thanks to successful talks, the Union continues to lead the way in enhancing the experience for students at Heriot-Watt.


Welcoming the move is Kieran Robson Renner, Student Union President, who said: “We’ve worked in partnership with the University to ensure that Graduation day is more affordable for students. After years of hard work, Graduation should be a day of celebration surrounded by friends and family. We are one of the first UK institutions to offer free graduations, even in absentia, to students at all of our global campuses. We’d like to thank the University for making this happen, and the support offered to us by NUS Scotland’s Free to Graduate campaign.”


Heriot-Watt University Student Union would like to thank the University for making this happen through real partnership working, and the support offered to us by NUS Scotland’s 'Free to Graduate' campaign.


Paul Travill                                                                  Kieran Robson Renner

Academic Registrar                                                    Heriot-Watt Student Union President




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