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We've all been trapped in our socially distant virtual bubbles for the last 18 months, interacting with the same people through our computer screens. And for some of us, the thought of going out into the world, being in crowds of strangers, meeting new people, and making friends is SUPER INTIMIDATING. 

If you're someone who's thinking like that, don't worry! You are not alone. Starting university under normal circumstances is frightening enough! It's been a while since we've socialised too, and we're feeling a bit rusty as well!

So to help you, other students and us get back into the swing of things, we've set up some Facebook Groups. We've got groups for Freshers at Edinburgh and SBC, Undergrads and  Postgrads, for students staying on-campus as well as off-campus, and a group for International Students to help make the move to Scotland a little bit easier!

Our Facebook Groups are the perfect way to introduce yourself, find other students on your course or staying in your halls, and keep up-to-date on everything Freshers Week!

We can't wait to see you in September, but until then, keep in touch using our Facebook Groups or reach us on social media! We're your Student Union, we're here to put students first, always. That means you! So if you need help, want to know more or just need to ask a question get in touch!


Introduce yourself to others coming from overseas in our International Students Facebook group!


Connect with other PG students like you before you arrive in our Postgrad Students Facebook group!



For the latest on what's going on at Heriot-Watt Student Union, like our official Student Union page

EDINBURGH Freshers Group 2021

Got a question about Freshers Week? Want to meet other Freshers? Join our Freshers group and ask away!

Halls Group 2021

Staying on-campus? Find the others staying in your Halls next year! Find your flatmates here!

OFF-CAMPUS Group 2021

Not everyone stays on-campus! Find other students you can complain with if the bus is late. Join our Off-Campus group here!


Scottish Borders


For the latest on what's going on at Heriot-Watt Student Union SBC, like our official Student Union page

Freshers Group 2021

Got a question about Freshers Week @ SBC? Want to meet other Freshers? Let the excitement start early and find the others staying in Halls by joining our SBC Freshers 2021 group!


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