Business Conference: New Normal, New You

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In September 2020, The Business Society @HWU posed the question to the Business Society Committee of how do we make this academic year different? This led to the idea of presenting a conference focusing on the term we’ve all grown accustomed to - ‘New Normal’ - and flipping it into “New Normal, New You”. Never did we ever think, we would see close to 600 people showing interest in this event over our LinkedIn and Social Media platforms from all over the world – and that is down to our attendees for being supportive. 

How did it go?

The conference was certainly a success, with over 600 people engaging with The Business Society (@HWU) and interested in the full process! The Business Society (@HWU) are built on the fundamental aims of Connect with Students, Engage with Industry, and Grow Together. This event has ensured that we have had the opportunity to achieve these aims, but it wouldn’t have been a success without our speakers and panellists (Heather McGregor, Liz McAreavey, Jess Gildener, Shelly O’Gilvie, Emily Lucy King & Adam Bennett) and our supporters from the Student Union and the University. 

Plans for the Next Term / Year?

The Business Society (@HWU) are assisting in the programme with the Student Union and University in the Enhancement Lecture with Kallum Russell from Edinburgh Business School Incubator. This event will be held on the last week of January 2021, for more information check out the Union’s Website or the Society’s social media channels.

For the spring term, The Business Society (@HWU) are also looking at how we can enhance the academic experience, so we will be holding study sessions, Speaker Events on personal development and a few social events. We will soon be sending out a short survey to all of our society members, so please let us know your thoughts! Again, if you are interested or haven’t signed up to be a member yet, you can get in touch with us or follow us on Social Media (FacebookInstagram or LinkedIn). 

In April 2021, we will be holding our Society AGM – so we will be looking for a brand-new committee to take office as of June 2021. So, if you are interested in joining our society as a committee member, send us an email at

The Conference Team: 

Scott Robinson (Conference Director), Amy Foster (Conference Secretary), Elena Macció (Co-Host and Marketing Convenor), Aran Chandran (Co-Host and Engagement Convenor), Christopher Dando (Conference Relations), Henry Oliver (Conference Relations), Stephanie Chan (Conference Treasurer), Tim Pope (Engagement Convenor), & Tamara Wilson (Marketing Convenor).


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