Body positivity in the Covid-19 pandemic

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L O V E  U  F  O  R  U 

Back in March 2020, we all swore lockdown was going to be THE opportunity to go on a health kick, do 2 home workouts every day and come out shredded like Greek gods. If you’re anything like me, that lasted about a week and then those leggings I ordered to motivate me became my everyday lounging clothes instead. For the first time in just about everyone’s life, jeans, bras, makeup and shaving have become optional, and loose, comfy clothing has taken over. 

With the promising news of restrictions lifting, I’ve seen a lot of stuff online about “losing the lockdown weight” and coming out of the pandemic looking thinner and more toned than ever. We always see this kind of articles before summer anyway, but it seems to be worse this year. More pressure to lose weight and hold ourselves up to unrealistic standards despite an exhausting year! At a time when we should be kinder to ourselves than ever, we are pushed to think about diets and exercise regimes. Of course eating well, sleeping well and exercising regularly is important, but you should do it for your mental and physical health, not because an Instagram model told you so! We have all had a tough year. Let’s try to be at peace with our bodies and look forward to iced lattes and pints in the sun rather than obsessing over our weight! 

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