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Body Positivity as a Pole Dancer

Body Positivity comes in all shapes and forms! Today's contribution is from the perspective of a pole dancer!

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You may associate Pole Dance with bachelor parties and strip clubs, however, did you know this type of dance has a very different past? It originated as an acrobatic sport in India, where it was mostly practised by men!

Through its travel from India to Egypt and then to the US, it changed aspects to slowly become more female-dominated and sexualised. Only in 1980s did pole dancing in the West become associated with bars and strip clubs. And nowadays you can do it as a workout at your university or in your city! It’s good for strength, stamina, flexibility, cardio, confidence and body positivity! 

This sport requires a lot of grip: the same as rock climbing – but you'll also need your thighs, arms, knees, and core muscles! This is why most pole dancers wear crop tops and shorts. Showing so much skin can be scary at the start, but studios are safe spaces of no judgement. There are also other methods, such as special clingy leggings or poles with a chalk coating to help with grip if you aren’t comfortable with partial nudity. 

There are so many different types of pole these days; Fitness, Exotic, Artistic, Russian, Chinese, Aerial, etc. This is due to its multicultural past and constant evolution – a lot of studios are incorporating new styles, such as ballet, yoga or twerking! 

If you’d like to find out more about Pole Dance, why not join the Pole Dancing Society


Even though this blog is one of our more positive contributions, Body Positivity is still something many people struggle with. If you feel affected in anyway, please get in touch with one of the following for support:  

Advice Hub 

Student Wellbeing Services 

Student Counselling Services 

Edinburgh Nightline 

Riccarton Medical Centre 

The Galashiels Health Centre (GP): Currie Road, Galashiels TD1 2UA, Phone: 01896 661366 

Y-Talk Orkney (counselling services) 


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