Announcing Vice President Education!

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We have been busy over the last few months trying to make sure our structures work for you. Last year we made big changes with the introduction of Student Parliament and Academic Congress, we also ran two by-elections but that wasn’t enough for us!

We spent a lot of time talking to students in the Scottish Borders Campus to figure out a way we could make the Union work for everyone, and so we’re changing up our Full-Time Officer structure.

Students in the Borders told us they wanted clear routes for different issues, and to work with more Officers. They also told us they want more of an ‘Edinburgh experience’, so we’re switching up positions! We are replacing the Vice President Scottish Borders Campus position with a Vice President Education. This means you’ll have four Full-Time Officers with clearer roles who will represent students across all of our Scottish campuses, and each of which will regularly spend time in Galashiels.

"For years, there’s been a huge difference in the way we support our Galashiels students. This new structure brings a great opportunity to make the Union truly accessible to all. I’m really proud of the change we’ve made and the difference it will have for students across the UK."

- Kieran Robson Renner, President.

We’re excited to see how this will improve your time at University! Want to be part of the change? Check out the full descriptions of the new Officer Roles and get involved.


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