Get set for exams

Posted 5 Days Ago

Written by Andrew Thornton

Exams are just around the corner...

Here are some top tips to help you get set for them.

You now access your seat number for exams via Student Self Service

This will also tell you where you need to be and what time your exam is. Make sure you're on time. Plan how you're going to get to university on exam day and bear in mind the buses will be busy.

The lovely Therapets are coming to the Union on 25th April. Sign up for a slot at

Avoid eating all the chocolate you got at Easter! Try and eat well and exercise. It helps to sharpen your mind! Get a good night sleep before the exam and take the time to relax.

It's okay to not be okay. The Union's Advice Hub are on hand if exam stress is getting to you. The University are also running exam stress drop-in sessions throughout the exam period.
Monday-Friday (24th April – 19th May) 1400 – 1500 in the Student Support & Accommodation Office.

Good luck everybody!

Another election?!

Posted 6 Days Ago

Yesterday the Prime Minister announced the government's intention to hold a snap general election on 8th June. 

Oh not another election?!
We all might have voter fatigue with a Scottish Independence Referendum, General Election, Scottish Election and an EU referendum all being held very recently. It's really important we head back to the polls though and take part in the new General Election. Any opportunity to vote in an election is your chance to have your say and change things.

Local and national government elections have a huge impact on everybody's lives. So it's really important to vote.

So what's happening?

There will be a General Election across the United Kingdom on 8th June.

There are also Local Council Elections happening on  4th May.

I'm not registered to vote

It takes 5 minutes to vote online at That's the same amount of time to make a cuppa! 

You won't be able to vote in the Local Council Elections but you can still register to vote in time for the general election. 

Get involved

1. Register to vote if you haven't done so already 

2. Keep in touch with the Union's Facebook page and website. We'll be posting updates about the Elections. 

3. Get involved with campaigning if you're really interested in politics. Contact the local branch of your political party of choice. You can help out with leafleting, calling voters, attending events etc.

4. Encourage your friends and family to vote. Healthy debate about politics is great as well, so spark up a conversation! 

Register to vote

Posted 2 Weeks Ago

Local Elections are happening across the United Kingdom on 4th May 2017.

These elections are to elect councilors for your local council, so here in Edinburgh, that's the City of Edinburgh Council.

Each council in Scotland is divided into smaller areas called wards. Each ward has three or four councilors who are elected to represent the local community.

Councilors represent the views and opinions of the public and are responsible for deciding how the council spends its money and provides local services.

You need to be registered to vote by 17th April to vote in these elections.

If you're not registered, it just takes a few minutes online. Visit to register to vote.

Your vote matters. Don't lose out. Find out more about how voting and these elections works here 

Volunteer Awards 2017

Posted 3 Weeks Ago

We recently held our annual Volunteer Awards in the Student Union - an event designed to celebrate all the amazing talent and dedication that goes on throughout the year in the Union. Nominees enjoyed a drinks reception and live performances from the drama society and pole dancing society beforehand. 

Unlike the Oscars we didn't have any mixups with our results, so here are the verified winners of the Volunteer Awards! 

The Winners....

Society of the Year
HW Muslim Society 

Best New Society
HW Enterprise Society 

Best Event of the Year

Liberation Group of the Year

Liberation Event of the Year
Global Day

Cultural Event of the Year
Arabian Village 

Volunteer Group of the Year
HW Events Crew

Newcomer Award
Hugo Barker and Quan Liang

Leadership Award
Edel Gallagher 

Volunteer of the Year
Aoife Clarke

Outstanding Contribution (Edinburgh)

Christina Kunz,

Alice Kerr,

Stephen Hughes,

Jacqualin Taylor,

Savannah Banks,

Marnoch Hamilton- Jones,

Carl Thompson.

SBC Society of the Year
SBC Christian Union 

SBC Volunteer of the Year
Stephen Smith 

SBC Fresher Helper of the Year
Miriam Totterdell 

Outstanding Contribution (SBC)

Lucy Graham,

Jenny Beck,

Katie-Anna Vizor,

Emily Conning,

Beth Wilson,

Jennifer Coupe,

Stephen Smith,

Hayley Wilson

Watt Volunteer Bronze Award:
Aashna Bakshi, Craig Duffy, Craig Gillen, Jennifer McMillan, Martin Rawlings, Paul Hush, Quan Liang, Tammy Godden, Sarah Mckay,
Valentina Stoykova, Dhanishtha Patel.

Watt Volunteer Silver:
Alexander McDonald, Alice Kerr, Aoife Clarke, Kaitlin Docherty, Lavinia Calvi, Savannah Banks and Thomas Garnett.

Watt Volunteer Gold Award:
Gary Gallacher, Hugo Barker and Lara Stroudinsky.

Watt Volunteer Platinum
Carl Thompson and Edel Gallagher

Little Ray of Sunshine Award
Ariadne Finnie

Lives-here-but-never-wants-to-be-here Award
Leigh Strang

Congratulations to all our winners! 

If you're interested in volunteering opportunities in the Union, pop Sheona VP Community an e-mail