Sustainability Talk

Hosted by NetZero Society

Thu 29 September 2022 13:00-15:00

(Lord Balerno) LB 1.21 Court room

We have our very first guest speaker Anna Clarke, Heriot-Watt's own Sustainability Coordinator. Read the abstract below to get an idea of what the talk will be covering...

“Change is upon us and has been for some time. Human activity is changing the composition of the atmosphere that determines the conditions for life on Earth. Slowing down this change and eventually halting it altogether encapsulates the goal of net zero. This talk will explore what Heriot Watt University is doing to address its contribution to climate change, and the challenges associated with our ambition to reach net zero as an organisation and as a global community.”

The talk will take place on Heriot-Watt's Edinburgh campus 29th September 2022 at 2pm (room tbc). Complimentary refreshments will be served between 2 and 2:15 with plenty of time for Q&A, please register your interest via the union sign up. We hope to see you all there for what promises to be a fantastic first guest talk!!