NetZero Society

Welcome to the brand new Heriot-Watt NetZero Society! We are scientists and researchers focused on promoting a net-zero future. Sounds interesting? Grab a free membership and join us!


  • Bring students together who have similar interests in the field of NetZero, Circular Economies and Sustainability.
  • Contribute to the NetZero goals set by the university.
  • Learn new skills necessary for scientists. 
  • Bridge the gap between scientists in niche fields to wider audiences.
  • Provide information and tools to reach Net-Zero and to understand how the industry hopes to get there.

What we do?

We plan to organise:

  • Talks  Inform and educate the wider university community. Collaborating with internal and external organisations working on reducing their carbon emissions.  
  • Socials - Informal meet-ups. Great for Networking!
  • Workshops - Share skills for a net-zero lifestyle and develop skills for a career in the net-zero industry. 
  • Heriot-Watt Net-Zero Goals - Focus on reducing and recycling waste generated in the university.


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