Divestment Stall

Hosted by Society of Progressive Students

Tue 02 November 2021 10:00-16:00

Student Union

What is Divestment? 
The fossil fuel industry is unequivocally driving us towards a global climate crisis: we will not keep dangerous climate change at bay without halting our extraction of fossil fuels.

Divestment is the process of taking HW financial investments in fossil fuels and reinvesting this into greener industries

SPS is calling on Heriot-Watt to move their money from fossil fuel investments to green energy. Heriot-Watt has £679,835 Invested in fossil fuels. Fossil fuel companies have been responsible for 71% of global carbon emissions since 1988, making it clear who holds responsibility for this climate crisis.

If Heriot-Watt really cared about tackling climate change they would have DIVESTED by now. Our universities must be a part of the solution and take action against these injustices by severing ties with the fossil fuel industry. Over half of UK universities have made a public commitment to divest from fossil fuels and it’s time that Heriot-Watt joined them. Out of the 18 Scottish Universities, Heriot-Watt is one of the LAST 6 Scottish universities to fully commit to divestment

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