Society for Progressive Students

Interested in socialist ideas? Enjoy discussing politics? Want to get involved in campaigning and activism? We are the society for you!

What is the “Society for Progressive Students”? (SPS)

SPS is a student society that focuses on the issues our generation is facing. Our aim is to provide a welcoming environment for students to engage in discussions about progressive ideas and to encourage students to get involved in campaigning for a better and fairer society.

Over the last year, humanity has witnessed attacks on abortion rights, attacks on voting rights, and attacks on students and the working class. Reading these headlines over the past year no doubt made you angry. It made us angry too, and we must stay angry! We must channel our anger into fighting for change. Our society members work together to do exactly that.

SPS Goals

  1. Educate, inform and show people socialist ideas- sharing important resources and information with people who are not aware.

  2.  Fight against all attacks on students, the working class and all minorities, such as LGBTQIA+ people. (Together we are united in the fight for a better world!)
  3. Host discussions/ guest speakers to talk about politics, ideas, and the history of the progressive movement.

  4. Increase student engagement on campus to advocate for university students' concerns.

Current Campaigns

Currently we are working on;

  • Heriot-Watt fully committing to DIVESTMENT from the fossil fuel industry.
  • Promoting the Help, not Harm approach to drug use
  • Campaigning for increased support for students and the local community, regarding the Cost of Living Crisis.

Why should you JOIN US?

Whether you are new to socialist ideas or know loads already, whether you are most interested in discussion or in campaigning, and whether you are an accomplished activist or just starting out, we are the society you are looking for!

If you have read this far, then you most likely feel: 
- That the government does not work for you
- The world and our lives should be better than they are
- Society is unequal

If you feel one of the above then you are already involved in the fight for a just world! The only way to achieve that is through socialist ideas! We need you to help us achieve our goals and fight for a better, fairer world!

If you are interested in fighting with us, then please join us. Contact us on one of the links to join:



Instagram: @hwuprogressivesociety 

Use the above links and a committee member will message you to answer any questions you have! Joining is completely free and you can attend as many or as few events as you want. You can also suggest events and ideas to us at any time!

SPS aims to meet EVERY interested member either in-person or online. You aren't required to have a meeting with us if you don't want one, but meetings are a good way to find out more about each other and allow SPS to answer all your questions :))

Committee Members

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