Sumo Robot Workshop

Sumo Robot Workshop

Hosted by Robotics Society

Wed 27 October 2021 14:00-16:00

Grid Flex Lab 1

Come along to the GRID to build your very own autonomous sumo robot and compete with your friends to see who made the best bot! (Signup Here)

Join us in our 3 workshops teaching you:

  • How to assemble a sumobot                -20/10/2021
    • Put together our kit and learn what all the pieces do.
  • How to program the sensors                 -27/10/2021
    • Learn how the sensors work and how to program them.
  • How to make your robot autonomous!    -3/11/2021
    • Learn how the robot can work autonomously and get your sumobot competition ready!

Then Compete in our Autonomous competition on -24/11/2021

The Kits are £10 deposit via cash or paypal (The costs of the materials used to build it). At the end of the competition you can return the robot for your deposit or choose to keep your bot.


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