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Want to work on Robots or other fun projects? Want to meet interesting people, have fun with socials and learn with robotics related events? Then join the Robotics society!

This summer Newsletter has been posted below. Check it out to see what we have coming up!

The Robotics Society wants to provide a space for members to work on projects. We will help people to setup into teams for projects you are interested in, create an environment where we can learn from our peers. As soon as the labs will be open again, we will organize trainings for the equipment (3d printers, laser cutting). 

With this challenging year, we are organizing online workshops with electronics kits that you can take home and follow along. We will create one friendly competition at the end of each semester, based on the knowledge from our workshops but also from your own/course knowledge. We also plan to participate in some robotics competitions as we did last year with PiWars in Cambridge and other kind of events.

The society is open to everyone, engineering students or not, with or without experience. 

The membership fee is £5, this will allow us cover material, equipment needed for our activities. 

If you have any questions, feel free to drop an email to

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