Robotics Society

Want to work on Robots or other fun projects? Want to meet interesting people, have fun at socials, and learn with robotics related events? Then join the Robotics society!


What do we do?

We are a society aimed for anyone and everyone to talk to other individuals interested in Robotics! You don't have to be studying a Robotics degree or even STEM subject, we run workshops from the complete beginning upwards!

Our highlights:

  • Weekly Come&Build sessions in the GRiD! GRiD flex lab 1, Wednesday's 2-4pm, come along and discuss projects with peers, use equipment and space, borrow parts, make new friends, and more! Just look for our banners and you'll find us!
  • Workshops throughout the year! Take part in our workshop series and have a fully assisted, fun, and learning experience to create your very own robot! Last year we ran a series of three workshops to produce a working Sumo-bot, and held a competition at the end of the semester! This semester 1, we are working on a Hoverboat!
  • Crash-courses throughout the year! A complete beginner to git, overleaf, or want to improve your skills? Then we might have the course for you! Come along to our 1-3 hour sessions, teaching you the fundamentals of things that regular classes might not have the time for!
  • Training throughout the year! Ran by the GRID maker space, be the first to hear when further training opportunities become available, such as 3D printing, or laser cutting! Join our Discord using the bubble at the top to learn more!
  • Have a more competitive edge? We have support systems in place to help advise and sponsor competition teams, such as our 2023 entry to the Pi-Wars competition!
  • Want to test something with a Raspberry Pi? We might have one in stock! Come along to our drop-in sessions to ask about part borrowing, we have lots of random things that may save you some money for initial testing! Or want to work on something but don't have the financial means, again speak to one of us at the drop-in sessions, and we might be able to arrange funding for it!
  • Socials and other fun events! BBQ's, games nights, ice skating, club nights, we've ran it all! Keep an eye on this page, or join our Discord using the bubble at the top of this page!

What can I expect to see in the future?

We're currently working on many things behind the scenes! Here's a few sneaky details from some of our plans:

  • Robotics Hub! With the opening of the new National Robotarium, we know that there is going to be an increase in Robotics students studying at Heriot-Watt, and we want to be there to support them! We are currently trying to ensure that we have a space for these new students and all existing Robotics Society members to collaborate and use as a functional and social space! More details once we have any confirmation!
  • More inter-society collaboration! We're currently speaking with several other societies and competition teams to organise joint events for both our members to enjoy! Keep an eye on our Discord and this page for more information!
  • Academic and business relations! We're currently speaking with academics at the University and looking for potential business sponsors to provide more opportunities to our members! This is an ongoing effort, so do keep an eye on our Discord for any future events!


Our amazing volunteers work closely with our committee to keep the society running! We're always looking for more too, so if you are interested, please reach out to any of our committee members for more information!



Any questions?

If you have any questions, feel free to drop an email to, or join our Discord using the bubble at the top of this page and ask any of us!

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