Open Gardening

Open Gardening

Hosted by Eco Society

Thu 28 Oct 2021 07:00 - Fri 31 Dec 2021 19:00

Millenium Gardens, Heriot-Watt Campus

The garden is always open to everyone so go along whenever you're free!

There's always some fruit and veg for you take (and plenty of it so please help yourself) so you can enjoy the freshness, the zero-waste-ness AND the zero miles... ness!

Growing your own food is such a rewarding experience, the amount of produce you get from just a tiny seed is amazing. Once you get into gardening it becomes addictive, but in a good way because unlike so many other things, it's a healthy addiction.


All the beds are for students to use. Yes, that's you! So if you have any seeds you want to sew, or seedlings you've been growing on your window sill, bring them along and find an empty space.


A huge part of gardening is weeding, and there's never a time when it stops. So while you're up there have a look around to see which beds need weeding. If none of the beds need weeding, the paths always do!

If you don't know whether some plants are weeds or not, ask us or just leave it.

And don't forget to water!