Vice President Wellbeing

Full-Time Role - £23,800 Salary, START DATE 1st June 2024

As VP Wellbeing, you are the first point of contact for student equality & diversity issues and liberation campaigns. You will chair Student Wellbeing Group and EDI Group. As well as, working closely with the students that attend it to advocate for positive change in issues facing students identifying as LGBT+, Women, International, Black Asian & Minority Ethnic, and Disabled.

You will also work with this group to find solutions to issues that impact the wellbeing of all students, including but not limited to mental health. As well as this, you will also work to support the Advice Hub. As a Member of Parliament alongside the Wellbeing Group MP and the EDI MP, you will help drive positive change brought forward by its members.

The VP Wellbeing also works closely with the University’s Wellbeing Services and sits on the Equality and Diversity Committee. The VP Wellbeing is also a member of the Student Union Trustee Board.

You may be the nominated Union Officer on a number of University committees, including Court.


Role Description