Voting is really simple - and if you're reading this guide then you are already 

  • 1.

    Login to our Website

    Log in to our website, using the login button in the top right-hand corner of each page

    Make sure you use the Student Login option and login with your HW username and password!
  • 2.

    Go To the Elections Homepage

    Head over to If voting is open, you will see a large, green "Vote Now" button at the bottom - click it

  • 3.

    Positions You Can Vote For

    The next screen shows you the positions you are elligible to vote in. Our system knows a bit about you, so will only show you the positions applicable to you. If you think something is missing then get in touch.

  • 4.

    Start Voting

    Click the large, green "Start Voting" button to begin the voting process from the start (this is the easiest option and takes you through voting position by position).

  • 5.

    Ballot Paper

    The next screen shows your first online "ballot paper". You will see the list of candidates standing for the current position. If they have a manifesto available (a list of their promises / pledges) you can click "Manifesto" under their name (it opens in another tab so you won't lose your place).

  • 6.

    Preferential Voting

    We operate Transferable / Preferential Voting. This means that rather than just picking a single winner, you rank each candidate in your order of preference. Click a candidate and they become your first preference. Click another, they become your second preference etc. Your preferences are shown under the "Your Vote" title. Changed your mind? Click the candidate under the "Your Vote" title to remove them.

  • 7.

    Cast Your Vote

    When your happy the candidates are in the right order, click "Cast Vote" to lock it in.

  • 8.


    You'll now be taken to the next election you can vote in. Just repeat steps 5-7 above until you have placed all your votes.

  • 9.

    Be Smug!

    That's it - you've finished! You can now sit back and feel smug that you've had your say. Stay tuned for the results and see how the candidates did!