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School Officers
Working with the University to make your course great 

Who are school officers? 🎓

  • Your school officer is the first point of contact for any issues you might be having with your course. 
  • They'll work on day to day issues you and your peers might be having with your course.
    e.g. "Why is X not on Vision?" or "We're not understanding Y"   or  "This part of our course could be delivered better. I have an idea." 
  • They sit on senior School level committees and meet as a group one per week. 
  • They'll work on strategic level changes within the School and support the Union on any academic campaigns that are taking place.  

So if you're having issues with your course or want to raise a point with them, don't just sit there, get in touch with your School Officer! 

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School Officers

Applications for School Officers are currently open and close on Friday 21st April.