Money and Consumer

Money problems are part of life, especially when you’re a student. As always, we’re here to offer advice and support in a number of different ways.

Hardship Loan

We provide hardship loans for students who need emergency funds for travel and/or food up to a maximum of £25.00 per week and no more than £100.00 in total. This money needs to be repaid, but the repayment time is negotiable. To be eligible for a Hardship Loan you must be a student at Heriot- Watt University and provide your matriculation card as ID.

Hardship Funds

The hardship fund is administered by Student Support and Accommodation and there are three different types of funds you can access, depending on what criteria you meet. If you are a full time or part time UK student (undergrad or postgrad) and you are in receipt of the maximum student loan available then you can apply. This fund is generally for living expenses, not tuition fees. There is no limit on applications and you don't have to pay it back.

There is a separate hardship fund for international students and is awarded for living expenses (not fees) in the form of a grant that you do not have to pay back.

Childcare Fund

If you are a full time UK student you can apply for help towards formal registered childcare costs.

You can pick up an application form for all of the above funds from either Student Support and Accommodation or the Advice Hub, both of which can be found in the Hugh Nisbet building.

Fees and Funding

If you don't apply for student funding by the given deadlines, there can be a delay to you receiving your money. We can't help speed up this process, but we can provide you with a number to allow you to check on the status of your application. We can also advise on different ways of searching for funding, including university scholarships. If you are having problems paying your fees, we can contact the University and try to negotiate a payment plan on your behalf.

Problems paying bills

If you're having problems paying your bills (such as gas, electricity or mobile phone companies) then we can contact the company on your behalf and/or support you to negotiate a more suitable payment plan. Where we are unable to help, we can make appointments for you at the Citizen’s Advice Bureau and debt advisory organisations.

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