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Private Rented Accommodation  

What is PRA? 

Private Rented Accommodation is defined as a property owned by a landlord and leased to a tenant. The landlord, in this case, could be an individual, a property company or an institutional investor. The tenants would either deal directly with an individual landlord, or alternatively with a management company or estate agency (letting agency) caring for the property on behalf of the landlord.    

Private Rented Accommodation can come in the form of flats, apartments, or houses. 



Usually cheaper than Halls 

Quality of housing for students can be poor at times 

Get to choose who you live with  

Rogue Landlords and Letting Agents not responding to maintenance issues 

Growth in independence - you oversee all bills and upkeep  

Number of students exceed the number of flats in Edinburgh - highly competitive 


Possibility of rent increase year on year