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Giving notice to move out

Depending on the type of accomodation you are in and the contract you have, you may have to give a certain amount of notice before you can move out, or your contract may finish on a certain date, make sure to read your contract carefully so you understand what you need to do and when you can remain in the property until. If you have a Private Residential Tenancy agreement, it should not have an end date but you can give notice to leave, usually 28 days, but make sure to check your contract to see how you can give notice (your landlord or agent should provide a copy if you don't have it anymore). Shelter Scotland have more information here. If you don't give proper notice, you might need to pay the rent due and it may be harder to find accomodation in future.

Your landlord may give you notice to move out under certain conditions, which should be outlined in your contract, there's more information about your rights as a tenant here.

The Last Day Checklist 

  • Check the inventory again before you move out. Is everything still in the same condition? 

  • Contact the utility companies a few weeks before you move out and give them the last date of your tenancy. Photograph the meter readings on the day you leave the flat. The landlord may retain your deposit until you have given written proof that you have paid your bills including an exemption letter from council tax bills (but if necessary, this should be stated in your contract).  

  • Chat to your flatmates and decide who is going to be cleaning what and what days you are going to be cleaning. Try to do this before exams (because some people might leave immediately after their exams). You don't want an argument when moving out can already be stressful!

  • Make sure to do a good job of cleaning otherwise you might not get all your deposit back. 

Useful Hint: Request a cleaning checklist of what needs to be done to get the flat back in acceptable conditions!  

  • Don’t forget to clean: inside the oven, bathrooms, around the washing machine and in, communal areas 

  • Be there on the day of the moving out inspection. This way you can make immediate changes to anything that needs changes e.g. forgetting to clean out the washing machine drawer might cost you £30 if you’re not there to quickly wipe it.  

  • Make sure you take all your things! Recycle what can be recycled, give away what can be given away and throw out what needs to be thrown out. Don’t leave your things behind – your landlord/letting agent might charge you to remove stuff once you’ve left.  

  • Get in touch with your landlord/letting agency to get your deposit back. They need to release the funds from the tenancy deposit scheme they put your money in. This can take a bit of time so don’t worry if it you don’t get it back the same day you leave!


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