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During your time at university, you'll need to develop your study skills, so we've pulled together some of the resources avaliable to you.

It's important that you understand the rules about citation and plagarism, as they may be different from where you've studied before, so make sure you understand the rules and are properly citing your sources, as if you don't, you can get in serious trouble and may fail a course or your degree.


It's important that you acknowledging the work of others in your own work when you quote or take from another source, doing this correctly is very important, and is usually done via citations. Depending on which course you are on, a different type of citation may be needed, so make sure to check your course guide and if you're not sure, check with your professor or course leader. Once you know which method of citation is needed, make sure you know how to correctly cite, both in text and in the references section. The library has some great resources on this, and offers workshops during term time. Make sure to check out the useful links below.

Useful links

  • Cite them right - A fantastic resource for checking and working out how to cite each kind of source you are using, make sure to use it!

How to study

Finding how you study best is an important part of coming to Uni, maybe that's working in the library, or at home, but it's important to have a plan about how you're going to get work done and cover your course material outside of classes. The library has a great resource on building your study skills, so it's worth spending some time reading it and implementing it into your studies, they also have links to more resources, and where you can get more advice.

Mitigating Circumstances

It's important that you are registered with a doctor and properly gather evidence of illness etc. if you want to make a mitigating circumstance application, make sure to read our guide to mitigating circumstances and understand the rules.

Academic English Skills

The university offers one-to-one academic skills consultations for all students (whether English is your first language or not) with academic writing advice on coursework using an appropriate structure and style find out more information and book a session here.

More info

If you want more information about developing your study skills, make sure to check out the University guide to Academic Study Skills, the library also has a study skills guide and a skills hub, with lots of useful info.

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