What is the Student Union? - That's a very good question. A bar? A Shop? Freshers Week? Yes. Yes. And Yes.

We are those things but we're also so much more. We're part of so many students' lives and often you might not even realise it!

Let's start with the obvious parts. We're a non-profit based on campus sat snugly between the Loch and Leonard Horner Halls and we're home to 10,000 members - not all at once, the building isn't that big. We provide academic representation, support for students, events and campaigns as well as somewhere to grab a bite to eat and drink!

That's the stuff you might already know so what about the bits you don't know?


We're the ones that help when things get hectic here on campus. We bring the fluff (the alpacas you might remember from last year!).

We also help you decorate your room with your little potted friends!

This year we kicked off what we expect to be a new yearly tradition; Societies Ball which we're sure you remember.

Exams are stressful so we help however we can. Sometimes it's alpacas, sometimes it's dogs and sometimes it's as simple as a little bag with treats and stress guides.

We're also the ones that wear the pink t-shirts that ask for your feedback. But we're the ones that take that info and use it to improve what we do and how we do it.

October is important for Black History so we took a look at #beingBAMEmeans to our members.

Our Mo' Bros put their stashes to good use and our Mo' Sista's kept them supported!

Lastly, we're the ones that keep Geordies running. Cheers!  




Our feathered friends on the Loch were a bit hungry over the summer and algae had run rampant so we sorted food for them that was not only good for them but it was good for the Loch too!


Yep, the big bash that kick-starts every Fresher's life at Uni - that's us, we run it. From the planning to the running of the events, to helping you meet your mates. That's us, your Student Union.

The Advice Hub. YES, THAT'S US TOO! With judgement-free, impartial advice for all on topics from Health & Wellbeing to Financial Help and everything in between The Student Union's Advisors are here to help everyone.

Bavarian Bier Halls are our new speciality, that and free pretzels! Prost!

We raise money year-in-year-out for amazing charities! This year we raised money for Stonewall, Poppy Appeal Scotland, Social Bite, and more. Even the sandwiches you eat from the shop go to support really worthy causes!

And of course, where would we be without mentioning Sleep in the Park? This year our Officers took part in one of the coldest events of the year in aid of Social Bite.




We take boobs very seriously around here and last year we held a charity morning in aid of Coppafeel. Complete with pink cakes, Boob Pong, and nipple soap.

Looking for work but don't have the skills? Have the cooking skills of a rusty spoon? We ran workshops and events to help you pick up new skills in the new year!

The wifi around campus used to be TERRRRRIBLE. So we decided to do something about it. We brought the issue to the University and got them to get it sorted. We've actually done it a few times so you're welcome.

It's not easy to rent, especially when you come from overseas and don't have a guarantor. We found that a lot of students all faced this issue and we helped create a scheme to help those affected.

Without us, there wouldn't be any class reps. That means there wouldn't be anyone to talk to in your class for help. This way, there's a little Union in every class.



Every year for the last 34 years Heriot-Watt has been "drinking for a good cause" and we've been there every year. See you soon!

Did you know every member of the Uni's Safe Guarding team is trained by us in Mental Health First Aid!

Every year we hold a Ceilidh to raise money for very important charities in the LGBTQ+ community. This year we're inviting all of Edinburgh so come join us!

We run groups that look out for all our students. Women. LGBT. International. Postgraduate. Disabled. Ethnic minority. They're all covered. Because we're all Heriot-Watt.

We think independently because we are Independent. We're not the University, we are your Student Union.

We work tirelessly to improve University life. Whether it's running events, activities or talks, funding societies or even just providing you with somewhere to hang out.

University can be lonely especially around the holidays so we decided to pop a little Christmas card in every letterbox in Halls. Why? Just because!

That's what we are at our core! We elect our student leaders and they lead the way for change. 



Not to brag or anything but we're the only University Student Union in Scotland to win it twice...

LGBTQ+ we love everyone. We represent everyone. From regular meetups to raising money and campaigning for causes, we're allies.

We worked with the Muslim Society and the Uni to help make Heriot-Watt the first Uni in the UK with a full-time Imam on staff. That's a pretty big honour!

We're the guys and girls sitting at reception helping you book space for your event or even just somewhere quiet to study.

Every year we make sure that all class reps have the training and skills to be the best they can be so that they can be there when you need the help.

We are over 60 societies and that number is growing every year! The Student Union funds and supports each and every one!

We're all about Raising and Giving. Every year we organise ways to for you to give back during RAG week.

We've all done it. We probably shouldn't but what kind of people would we be without an obligatory photo on the cow?

From drinks in Geordies to your first night out during your own Freshers Week we help you enjoy the fun side of Uni.



We get cuddly dogs to come and visit you during the stressful exam periods. You can pet them to your heart's content. For free. Don't say we're not good to you.

We keep you fed. Even late at night. Just because we can!

Remember when there was nowhere to study? Yeah, that sucked. But we stepped up and got the Uni to open Learning Commons 1& 2.

You told us we weren't all that accessible to come and share your problems so to fix that we set up shop right in the middle of Uni in our Mobile Office. Pop by for a chat!

This Boodent Union is all about spooktacular events!

Free Christmas dinners and Christmas presents for everyone studying hard is our way of giving back.

Remember when it was impossible to get off campus because the buses were full? Not anymore! We worked with Lothian Buses to make sure there were enough buses running during peak times.

We also got the Uni to provide calendars to students at the beginning of modules, outline the dates assessments would be given out, when they had to be submitted and when feedback would be received. That was pretty important.

We're not just here for Undergrads; we represent all students at Heriot-Watt.

We're lead by you, the students all 10,000 of you. You elect the people that make all of this possible and we look to you for guidance on the big issues.?



We are our Societies. We are more than 60 societies representing a diverse range of interests and hobbies as well as academic, cultural and faith groups.