Watt Esports and Video Games Society

Whether you're a casual or competitive gamer, all are welcome! Scotland's No.1 esports and video games society! Come join us (for free) at https://discord.gg/JwJcHgX !



  • Community Nights
    • A selection of community-voted party and casual games run on different days of the week 
  • Social Saturdays
    • In person social game sessions hosted on campus, every Saturday
  • Pick Up Games
    • Online social game sessions ran every Friday at 7pm on our Discord server.
    • A variety of popular games like Valorant, League of Legends, Rainbow 6: Siege and CS:GO
  • In-house Tournaments
    • Both online and offline with prizes
    • Games such as SSBU, LoL, CS:GO and Valorant
  • Viewing Parties
    • Community-voted movie night
    • Esports tournament watch parties
  • Society Nights Out
    • Pub quizzes
    • Tuesdays at the Hive nightclub and venue
  • Competing in National Esports Tournaments (NSE & NUEL)
    • Fielding successful teams across over 10 game titles

Membership Benefits:

  • Access to Social Saturdays
  • Discounted/Priority entry to tournaments
  • Game Giveaways
  • Discounts and special deals at Hive
  • Special meal deal at Geordies
  • Minecraft server benefits
  • Free copy of Kovaak's 2.0 Aim Trainer
  • Yellow name on Discord - probably the most important ;)


  • 1st in Scotland (NSE gaming tournament)
  • 32nd in UK (NSE gaming tournament)
  • Won the Edinburgh Varsity for Esports
  • Perseverance Award (Student Union)
  • Over £650 raised for SAMH through a 24hr livestream

Committee Members

Community Coordinator

Esports Coordinator







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