Greetings!  Are you an Urban Planning student in Heriot-Watt, or simply interested in the process of developing cities and communities for future generations?  Does your understanding of how places around the world grow, thrive, and develop come from an academic background, through the likes of Cities Skylines, SimCity, or Cities in Motion, or a mixture of both?  Do you enjoy exploring the connections between the various cultures, infrastructure, ecosystems, and histories within a city and using those to anticipate and plan for the future?  Then this society may be just for you!

The Urban Planning Society seeks to link together the various students and enthusiasts in Heriot-Watt through our mutual interest in the growth of cities and communities, to help draw attention to key issues related to and within our field, and to share our appreciation on the subject with the rest of the University through projects and exhibitions within the campus.  We're open to all people, regardless of subject or course: architecture, geography, engineering, real estate, biology, you name it!

We're currently looking for a Vice President who can assist with planning, developing, and coordinating events and projects for the upcoming 2024-2025 academic year.  Please send an email if you're interested in this position!

We hope to see you soon!

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