The Foodie Society is all about giving everyone a society in which we can all come together as individuals and share our love and passion for food!

A lot of students aren't incredibly adequate in the kitchen and one of our main goals is to give everyone an opportunity to learn tips and tricks to help you in the kitchen (including some cheeky wee recipes too!). 

Although, that's not all that our society is about, since COVID-19 restrictions here in Scotland are starting to ease, and the world is slowly going back to its old ways, a lot of our ideas are able to now come to fruition. We will have more opportunities to organise socials on campus and in Edinburgh, where foodies like you and me can come together and express their love for food (even over a cheeky bite to eat). 

The best part about the Foodie Society is that we have an influence over all things FOOD, and have recently been in contact with organisations and restaurants throughout Edinburgh for our members to gain discounts so we can enjoy food for a fraction of the price (how can that not tempt you to join us?).

We're incredibly excited about the upcoming year and cannot wait to meet you all!

Peace out,

The Foodie Society Team

Find us on our socials @thefoodiesoc on Instagram, The Foodie Society on Facebook, and LinkedIn - where we will be posting about all things food!

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