Pole Dance Society

The Heriot Watt Pole Dance Society

Hello and welcome to The Heriot Watt University Pole Dancing Society. We offer classes to suit all levels of ability, from Beginners to Advanced levels. Our experienced instructors are well equipped to challenge you and keep you safe at all times.

AT HWUPDS, we value inclusivity and we celebrate our differences; no matter who you are and what you can do, we will greet everyone with open arms. Our love of pole unites us and brings us together in our journey to becoming empowered and gaining confidence. We believe that the pole community can be a support network, and to achieve that we offer many events such as socials, competitions and workshops, so that members can get to know one another.

Why Pole?

Today a lot of people get into pole dancing for weight loss or fitness reasons and, while it definitely helps in that respect, most people stay because of how much fun it is!  We love how strong, confident, and toned we have become thanks to it, and we wear our war wounds (pole bruises) with pride!

What to wear?

  • Beginners – leggings and t-shirt will be OK
  • Beginners Progression – shorts will be required as certain moves require skin contact
  • Intermediate/Advanced – pole shorts and cropped top will be required as skin contact around belly area will be used!


Committee Members

Class Coordinator

Competition Coordinator

Fundraising Coordinator

Pole Tech


Social Secretary








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Your Privacy

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We also ask to collect some medical information about you to ensure your safety and that sessions are suited to your ability. This includes: previous injuries, chronic illnesses, whether you may be pregnant and any chrome allergies.

We also ask to collect emergency contact details for your safety in case something happens during one of our sessions. This includes: name of emergency contact, relation to you, their contact number.