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Your society for all things reporting, journaling, printing and publishing! Proud home of the 'LOCH-IN' student-led zine.

Welcome to Heriot-Watt Multimedia Society!

Mission and Vision

We aim to provide a huge platform for collaboration between the student body, societies, the student union, and the greater Edinburgh community. Our main goal is to provide a creative outlet for individuals curious about print-related art, and journalism - alongside a showcase and recognition of all the fantastic events and accomplishments happening around campus; this will mainly be through a monthly publication covering a hugely diverse range of topics and categories. We want to be the bridge between the student body and the creative heart of the university.

Get Involved

Anyone can get involved - whether you have a topic you'd love to share with us, or you'd love to learn more about linoleum printing and paper-binding techniques - join our WhatsApp group chat or keep an eye out on Instagram for upcoming events. We would love to see you there!


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