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We have loads of societies here at Heriot-Watt.


Societies Wanted

If you have a new Society you would like to start up, you can put a notice up here to get people interested in setting it up with you!  Email the Activties Coordinator at


Batik? Sate? Rendang? Dangdut?
We are pleased to invite you to join the new Indonesian Society. If you require any further information, feel free to contact Jackson (

Interested in all aspects of Fashion? The look? The design? The manufacture?

Get in touch with Eshiva at to join the all-new Heriot Watt Fashion Society, building bridges with both our Galashiels campus and other Universities overseas.

Reach for the stars with the Astronomy Society! Contact Calvin ( if you're interested in all things celestial. 

Beep boop boop. That's Robot for 'Come join us' and get involved with the Robotics Society. Drop Sophie a message at for more information.

Do you skateboard or want to learn? Want to skate with a group of students? Then join the skating society. We're are looking for people to join our club who are interested in learning to skate or have been skating for years.  Send an email to Sam at if you're interested.