IMechE Railway Challenge Team

We're HW-Rail, if you're interested in taking part in a real engineering project to build a small scale locomotive then get in touch with us today using the links below!

Who are we?

We're Heriot-Watt's newest student engineering team and the first, and so far only, Scottish team competing in the IMechE Railway Challenge from 2024. We're passionate about engineering and spreading the word about what makes it so great.

What do we do?

Our Main focus is on designing and building a 10 ¼ “ gauge railway locomotive, in our first year we’ll mainly be designing the locomotive and getting the team set up and ready to start building the following year.

We’re also hoping to work closely with industry to share what a career in the railway industry looks like and maybe even arrange some interesting site visits.

There’s lots to be done from designing the electrical systems, wheelsets, picking a horn, choosing the motor, building a controller, writing a business case, technical papers, suspension, designing an automatic braking system, writing an innovation paper, and so much more.

Oh, and don’t forget putting it all together at the end…

Phew, a lot to be getting on with! And that’s why we need your help!

Why should you join?

As we’re such a new team, we’re always looking for new members so why should you join? It’s a great chance to get stuck into a proper engineering challenge and develop the connections and skills for a future career either in the rail industry or engineering in general.

You’ll also get to meet likeminded people and share your knowledge and skills to develop the team and the locomotive to be as successful as it can be.

Interesting in Joining?

  1. Visit the sign-up page on our website and read over our available roles.
  2. Found one that piques your interest? Use the form at the bottom of the page to fill in our sign-up form. *
  3. Send in the form and we’ll get back to you via email as soon as we can!
  4. We’ll then meet with you and discuss the next steps for joining the team.

*Feel free to use the link on this student union page, but we will ask you to subsequently fill in our own form as many of our roles are safety critical and require some basic engineering knowledge

Any Questions?

Email us, use the contact us form on our website our get in touch using our socials via the links at the top of this page.



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