Longevity Society

An academic society focused on promoting techniques to combat ageing.

The Heriot-Watt Longevity Society is an academic society focused on promoting and following the science tackling one of the greatest causes of suffering in the world today: age related diseases.

Pioneered by an ever-growing list of organisations like SENS Foundation, the Buck Institute, Calico Life Sciences, and university labs in Stanford, Harvard and more, modern techniques are targeting the mechanisms underlying all age-related diseases: the ageing process itself.

The Longevity Society is open to all interested in gerontology, the societal implications of ageing (or indeed no ageing), or any of the techniques focused on combating ageing, from biochemistry, artificial intelligence, nutritional science or anything else! One of the key goals of this society is to bring together students from all fields under a common goal.

Planned activities include study sessions (For biology and computing), attending seminars and with any luck hosting speakers at Heriot-Watt!

LinkedIn page: https://www.linkedin.com/company/heriot-watt-longevity-society/

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