Film Society

A society for film fans, by film fans.

We do two screening nights a week on the Edinburgh campus, Tuesdays from 6pm in Lecture Theatre 2 & Thursdays from 7:30pm in Zero's (Student Union)!

Some screenings will be themed and may involve collaborations with other societies!

Screenings work on a vote basis as follows:

Films are chosen randomly from suggestions given throughout the week via our Discord or Instagram. Three films are selected from the given suggestions at random, then it is up to society members to vote for the films that they'd like to see. The winners of the vote are announced on Monday, 1st place on Tuesday & 2nd place on Thursday (with exceptions for films with extensive runtimes). Please join our Discord server or follow us on Instagram to keep up to date, provide movie suggestions and to engage in the voting process. We recommend members keep movie suggestions to at most 2 per week, allowing everyone a fair chance, films can also be suggested more than once if they were not chosen previously.

All screenings are subtitled, foreign cinema suggestions are also encouraged. Join the WhatsApp for those interested in cinema socials!

Hope to see you at our screenings :-)

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