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Are you interested in sustainability and making a difference? Networking with and competing against other universities? If the answer to either of those is yes join EWB Heriot-Watt Today!

The global challenges we face have no borders. Engineers Without Borders Heriot-Watt is a student society focused on sustainable and globally responsible engineering.

Engineers must play a fundamental role in designing solutions to ensure humanity and the planet thrive. We are on a mission to galvanise the engineering community to ensure it serves all people and our planet better than ever before.

Alongside our education, we aim to embed globally responsible practices crucial to the future of engineering and our planet. Across the academic year, we hold a variety of events to provide our members with the best possible experience, including speaker events, technical projects, networking sessions, and more! 

Our society is NOT just limited to engineers – we encourage everyone to be involved as we provide skills and experiences that can benefit everyone in the future.

Inspire, Upskill, and Drive change

At EWB Heriot-Watt we strive to develop ourselves and inspire others to do the same, to drive change and leave the world a little better than how we found it. 

What we have done so far

  • Built a bio-Digester
  • Co-hosted designations with other student chapters
  • Collaborated with professionals around the world, towards developing our own product.

Our Goals for 2024/25

  • Organise events that will benefit you!
  • Industry site visits!
  • Bio-Digester upgrades!
  • Fun and collaborative socials!

We want you and your ideas so if you're interested sign up today!


We are always looking for new members and feedback so please reach out to us at for any further information and find out how you can get involved today. 


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