Anime & Manga Society

A Society For All Those Interested In Or Curious About Anime & Manga. We Host Weekly Sessions and Events Throughout The Academic Year. Find Out More On Our Discord Server (Link Below)

Who Are We?

We are the Heriot-Watt Anime & Manga Society!

This society is open to all, whether you are a seasoned watcher of anime or someone who is completely new to the media. We watch various anime throughout each semester so there is definitely something for you to enjoy!


What We Do

We hold weekly sessions (typically in a lecture hall) to watch anime on the big screen, and also hold events at various points throughout the year.

Our Weekly Sessions Are:

  • Mondays - Anime Movie Night (18:00 - 22:00 in room JN116)
  • Thursdays - Weekly Anime Series Watch Night (18:00 - 22:00 in room JN116)

These sessions are open to all; membership not required!


Find Out More

We're most active on our Discord Server, which you can visit from the link above, where you'll find all up-to-date info about weekly sessions and potential events that we're planning! You may expierence problems joining our discord through this link if you are not already signed in on discord on your web browser. (If this still does't work then contact us through email and/or instagram and we will try and solve the problem!)

You can also the join the society directly via email using the envelope button at the top of the page.


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