Engineers Without Borders HW Edinburgh

There is no planet B, and time is running out.

Engineers Without Borders UK is a registered charity and NGO that leads a movement for change to embed global responsibility into the heart of engineering.

In the face of the ever-increasing task that is the battle against climate change, EWB, and the people behind it, have never been needed more.

Engineers Without Borders is an international organisation, a collaboration of thousands of engineers around the world working towards a better future.

Despite this, the problems our planet faces are getting worse. We need help.

We need you.

Inspire, Upskill, Drive change

Do you want to build a sustainable world?

Do you want to work with like-minded people, to help find the solutions to save our climate?

Do you want the chance to hear from real engineers, solving issues in the UK right now?

Sounds like you should join Engineers Without Borders Heriot-Watt UK.

Our Goals

Beginning in September 2023, this is a new society on the Edinburgh Campus and we're looking to get off to a smashing start.

For our first year ever, in the 2023/24 academic term we're looking to achieve the following:

- The official founding and opening of the society.

- Establishing relationships with local businesses to receive speakers on engineering issues.

- Begin an outreach program, by offering engaging engineering programs to a local school.

- Undertake our first project.

-Organise our first social and AGM.

If this is something you like the sound of, we'd love the opportunity to work with you, and together, do our bit to help make Heriot-Watt, Scotland, and the wider world, a better place for all.

Also, if you join during the 2023/24 term time, how does "Co-founder of Engineers Without Borders Heriot Watt UK" sound? 


As this is incredibly early doors in the planning stages if you have any questions or want to get involved please email our president, Ali, on

Super excited for this journey guys!

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