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Heriot Watt Eco Society is a safe space for like-minded people to chat about tips for sustainable living and discuss the big environmental matters. Keep up to date with our events here!

Welcome to the Heriot Watt Eco Society!

Everyone interested in sustainable and environmentally friendly living can meet and discuss ideas.

Formerly the Sustainability Society and Environmental Society who have now merged.

No matter how big or small your interest is and even if you only do little things here and there, every contribution to help the planet counts!

We regularly host many different in-person events such as eco-cafés, gardening, tree planting, beach cleans, protest marches and eco shop crawls, as well as online events such as cook-alongs, film nights, eco talks and discussions with lecturers from our own univesity. 

Our gardening events happen at the allotments on the Heriot-Watt campus. Whether you're an expect gardener or completely new to it, anyone can come along and plant whatever they want and the end result is some delicious fruit and veg for your dinner. Who doesn't love to eat food with ZERO food miles!

To get involved sign up to our society on this page (it's free!), follow us on Facebook, Instagram and Discord using the buttons at the top of the page.

If you're interested in gardening, we have a facebook group chat we can add you to so send us a message on Facebook, Instagram or email us using the button at the top of this page. Or join our Discord server.

Our Discord server is new this year and will hopefully become our main social platform. If you're new to to Discord don't worry, it's dead simple to use, there's a few channels that everyone can use to have a chat in, share memes, pics, etc. and everything else you'll get notifications for so you'll pick up very quickly.

And we have a Microsoft Teams group where we do most of our online events. You should already have Teams for university stuff, we're just another group to add to your list of teams. You'll see all our posts in the general channel.

Join via the link: Teams

For new updates and petitions, check our Linktree:

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