Disabled Students Society

A society for disabled students of HW to connect with others, diagnosed or undiagnosed, with any disability. If you want to join us or know any more, drop us an email or DM us on our Insta/Discord!

As the disabled students society of the university, we aim to create a supportive community where students with disabilities can connect with others facing similar challenges, reducing feelings of isolation and fostering a sense of belonging. We welcome people who identify as disabled with physical disabilities, mental disabilities and neurodivergences - diagnosed or not!

We feel it's important to help raise awareness about disabilities in addition to helping those who live with one (or many!) live with their conditions; promoting understanding and empathy among the broader student body and running sessions where we support each other in accessing help to meet our needs and some where we generally just have fun together! In addition, we advocate for improved accessibility and accommodations on campus, ensuring we are making the university environment more inclusive for everyone and making them feel welcomed - which is our main aim.

We provide a platform for disabled students to share their experiences, concerns, and achievements and support one another to access reasonable adjustments and finances they are entitled to; contributing to their overall emotional, social, and academic wellbeing and helping disabled students thrive in addition to having fun in a community you can relate to!


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