Watt Gamers

Heriot-Watts resident gaming society - Wargaming, Roleplaying, Card games and Board games

The Heriot-Watt gaming society - Wargaming, Roleplaying, Card games and Board games. Everyone is welcome to pop into any session or event we run, we host 2 sessions a week in Mary Burton Ground Floor - rooms 13 and 14.

Make sure to join our discord for up to date news and discussion.

Wednesday - Board Games and  Cardgames:
5pm-10pm (MBG.13/14)

Sunday - Boardgames and War Games:

1pm-6pm (MBG.13/14)
7pm-10pm (MBG.13/14)

Roleplaying Games sessions will be organised throughout the year.

You can show up at any point throughout the session and stay for as long as you wish. The types of games played aren't set in stone and people are welcome to play other things in the same sessions and bring along their own games.

Come along for a fun and relaxing time and don't be afraid to get in contact if you have any questions.

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