Veg Soc is a community for any students who want to meet likeminded people, discuss anything animal related as well as promote and campaign for plant-based and vegan lifestyle!

The society is a place for veg students to find likeminded people, share experiences and discuss anything veg and animal related! We also welcome students who would like to learn more about the lifestyle. If that sounds like you then consider joining us!

Veg Soc is a community for veg students but we also want to promote and campaign for plant-based and vegan lifestyle. We are planning on organising events for people to get to know each other and open the doors of the veg world to more people! 

We host events for our members to socialise and get to know each other but also ones that promote and inform people of the plant-based/vegan lifestyle. We provide support for each other and can also raise issues with the university or the union that affect a student’s vegan/vegetarian lifestyle.

To get involved, please message us on Instagram or Facebook, email us and definitely become an official member on the Union’s website!

We also have a Discord server which we hope will be the main hub for the vegsoc members. We have multiple channels which you can use to chat to fellow members, ask questions to the committee, submit ideas and discuss all things relating to living a more plant based lifestyle. 
If you don’t normally use discord we recommend giving it a go as it is a great platform that is very easy to use and great for communicating as a larger group. 

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