Muslim Society

Heriot-Watt University Muslim Society (HWUMS) is one of the largest societies in Heriot-Watt University with over 1000 active members.

HWUMS aims to provide an empowering and secure environment for all its members during their university life. Since most committee officers and members are bilingual (some can speak more than two languages), HWUMS also provides an excellent service of support and guidance to international students who have joined the Edinburgh campus. Not only we do help creating a voice for Muslim and Ethnic Minority students, HWUMS also promotes open dialogue and harmony between all religions, nationalities and genders in our University. Our society will help many new and present students to interact and understand more about the religion of Islam as well as create a good network between the many Muslims as well as non-Muslims studying at Heriot-Watt. The society aims to embrace all cultures and backgrounds in a fun and interactive way with many future outings and gatherings organized by the committee, which in turn helps the members form special bonds during their university life and thereafter.

Committee Members

Alumni Relations Coordinator

Events Coordinator

Media and Marketing Lead

Media Coordinator




Vice President (Brother)

Vice President (Sister)







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