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Want to be part of a society that offers amazing social events with other universities? Want to join a society where you can get career and mentorship guidance? Then join the ChemEng society!


The ChemEng society features two aspects: Careers and Socials!


Some of the biggest socials we organise include the Christmas Dinner/Ceilidh, Frank Morton Sports Day and Graduation Ball. Frank Morton is our biggest event of the year with Chemical Engineering Students from all over the country congregating at the host University for a career fair, sports day and night out! This is a great chance to meet fellow students from different unis and great for networking with industry.

There are also smaller social events in collaboration with other societies so there are plenty of chances to meet other students across the different years. Keep an eye on the socials to get updates on the next social event!


This is a new aspect for students thinking about a future career in engineering. There will be plenty of opportunities to speak with large, medium and small organisations in areas like consultancy, oil and gas, renewable energy and manufacturing processes. Keep an eye on the socials and email to get more information on the upcoming careers event or workshop!



  • Frank Morton Sports day: The biggest event in the ChemEng society calendar, this is a one-day event for chemical engineering(and other) students in a host city. This year’s host is the University of Birmingham! It’s lots of fun and a great chance to meet other students.
  • Christmas Dinner: Every year we organise a Christmas dinner as an end-of-semester celebration. Great time for everyone- even if you don’t celebrate Christmas!
  • End of year Gradball/ Ceilidh: This is a huge event celebrating the end of the year where everyone can relax enjoy a wonderful meal and get dancing to traditional Scottish music!


  • Panel event in collaboration with WATT Women in Stem: A 2050 vision from leaders in their field- A brilliant panel event featuring guest speakers discussing leadership
  • WATT is Chemical Engineering? Panel event:  A brilliant online panel event with former students who are now industry professionals on their journeys across various companies including Estee Lauder and Briggs of Burton.
  • Interviews with industry professionals: The society organised interviews with former students now excelling in the industry. We asked them about their experiences working in their industry outside of the UK and their career aspirations.
  • Exploring Alternative Chemical Engineering Paths: Online seminar featuring former students who are in less conventional roles and industries. It was amazing learning about all the different sectors a chemical engineer could excel in.


A lot more industrial panels and careers events, in the process of organising a CV workshop for all chemical engineering students to give you the best chance to get amazing careers for the future!


If you have any questions, feel free to drop an email to email address or our Instagram @hwchemeng and ask any of us!

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