Winners of the Graduate Teaching Awards

Posted 12 Months Ago

School of Mathematical and Computer Science - Gavin Reid

Gavin is enthusiastic, friendly and passionate about his subject.  Students appreciate Gavin’s real world experience, his contacts with the industry, his innovative quizzes and interactive learning materials (and the chocolate prizes he gives out).  More than this students appreciate that Gavin knows them all by name and is approachable at any time.  This personal touch has helped them get through the last 4 years and made Gavin a worthy winner of the Graduates Teaching Award 2017.

School of Energy, Geoscience, Infrastructure, and Society - Laurent Galbrun

Laurent is one of the most supportive lecturers, students know that he is always there for them, and available to answer any question.  He is very organised, and his lecture notes and supporting material on Vision is always up-to-date and packed with useful information.  One student summed Laurent up by saying ‘he knows how to excite students and makes them want to learn more.’  Laurent’s approachable nature, and dedication to improving the student experience makes me proud to present him with the Graduates Teaching Award 2017.

School of Social Sciences – Jose Conde

Jose is a very prominent figure for LINCS students, being the staff rep for the department, a Spanish lecturer, the Erasmus+ rep, and also an open ear for students. He is always kind and considerate but knows when a bit of harsh truth is needed to solve an issue. All the extra hours he puts in should be recognised, particularly all the support his gives students. He has a great sense of humour which makes his classes really enjoyable, ensuring to be inclusive while also rigorous, helping students get the most, both academically and personally from his efforts. His is a joy to be around.

School of Engineering and Physical Sciences - Tadgh O’Donovan

Tadgh works hard to ensure his students are engaged in every lecture. He uses creative techniques to help students understand his lecture material and uses innovative technology to enthuse his students about what they are learning. He also goes to the students to communicate, using social media to get feedback and discuss material with students, and strives to support his students personally. His students say he has the most interesting lectures and the most productive tutorials. Tadgh keeps his students on their toes, ensuring that they leave his classes with what they need to know, but also keeps an open forum in his lectures through humour to build the confidence of his students.

School of Textile and Design - Lisa Macintyre

Lisa is a refreshing burst of energy in Galashiels. She uses her own experiences, experiments, storytelling, and funny metaphors to enlighten and entertain students, and makes textiles accessible and enjoyable for textiles and non-textiles students alike. She is dedicated, passionate, and enthusiastic during her lectures, which is contagious and motivates students to go the extra mile. Her knowledge and breadth of research helps students to make their own research the best it can be. Lisa is always there to help as soon as there is the smallest problem, and is always willing to meet with students about concerns, and always has thoughtful advice. As one student put it, Lisa is an overall fab lecturer.