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Volunteer Award - April 2022

  It's been a hell of a first year for the OCS;

unforgettable moments with the committee and our members, busy saving the seas, fighting for social and environmental justice, making ocean warrior friends and collaborations all over the world, and finally being rewarded for all our hard work this last year by being awarded New Society of the Year.

Since our first ever committee meeting, our team had been manifesting and working toward the goal of not just spreading ocean awareness and getting students involved with ocean conservation, but also establishing ourselves as a society here at HWU and eventually getting awarded "New Societ of the Year". I personally will never forget the enthusiasm and determination in our founder and then-President Ruby's voice when she mentioned making that a goal for our society. Myself and the other committee members were mad inspired by this level of commitment that we wasted no time at all getting to work.

We've now established ourselves as an ocean warrior society here at Heriot-Watt, with a new committee taking over for this academic year and we could not be more excited to get to work this year! I say let's try for Society of the Year this time round ;)


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